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Casey Skipper Russian Federation

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About me

I'm sweet,awesome,chill,funnah,and fuunnn!!!!!!!;P


..........and you want to know why???


all serious i can and will listen to all music types even the "annoying"old music we hate our parents playing

Movies and TV:

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!lol and hills have eyes ,friday the 13,nightmare on elm street,prowl,30 days of night 1+2,13 ghosts,new moon,vampires suck,rio,lion king 1,2,1 1/2,ummmmm gene's simmons family jewels,naruto, all over k?!but i mainly like horror film


uhh hehe not gonna lie dont play any at my school but i do like swimming,was on a swim team for 8 years,ummmm volleyball,uhhhh i like watching hockey CAPITALS,lol,football STEELERS,......thats it i guess


I sing,and dance, and i can draw .......yeah


............hi?.......moo-_- :Dlol yes i forgot to mention i can be crazy !!!!


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